Save lots of money & time 


with the worlds free service that gets your quotes for any custom made job, finds your best value supplier & protects you from poor work, service & guarantees

Here's the problem.


How many times have we got three quotes for a job.

None of the proposals had a lot of information.

We asked as many questions as we could think of.

Some of the answers were verbal 




We accepted the quote that appeared the best value.

Over time they gave us poor work, poor service and late delivery 


We got extra charges that apparently weren’t in the quote 


We never got a written guarantee 


A year later something broke way too early so we rang them to fix it for free and they told us it wasn’t covered 

The truth is we often don't choose the best value supplier


Here's the solution.

Your free, New Zealand based quote service that finds the best value supplier and protects you from poor work, service and guarantees


If they give their quote through Gan

You know you can trust them


Value & Protection starts by getting everything in writing

The Gan software quickly gets detailed proposals for any custom made service, product or order in 3 powerful steps


The first step.

is asking intelligent tick box questions about the proposal


And about the guarantees.


And Gan sets 

the terms.


So you get a detailed quote that protects both sides.



Gan is a free service to the buyer and cheap for the winning quoter as the fee is tiny.


We protect you from cowboys, con artists and businesses going broke


Most of us know the best value is not the cheapest price.

It’s about price verse service, work, quality, design, guarantees, planning, delivery time, payment terms, action and so much more.


Gan sorts all this out for both

sides and puts it all in one document


Anyone can use Gan

including large or small organizations individuals &

families, for any type of job

in any country.


Gans step by step process makes it nana proof.


Gan is the worlds

simplest software


as it uses intuitive bookpage design which is long sentence data + single column scroll down  


It's faster than Robin on steroids.


The steps are simple.


How long does it take ?

From request to emailing you all the quotes is 2 to 4 weeks plus any holidays that coincide


Our proud missions.


To save our users lots of money time & stress


To find the best value suppliers for custom made jobs

To protect from poor work, service, guarantees and late payment

To reduce physical meetings by 80%

To protect from less than excellence

To make quotes safe, simple, quick, reasonable, honest, lawful and cheap

To create a safer efficient global trading environment

To create the world’s simplest software

To find the true experts in their field

To constantly grow and improve the service

To reduce pollution by reducing carbon footprints

To reduce stress and depression with better work life balance


Try a new approach & 

book the consultation.  



or phone us at New Zealand +64

027 287 6974


Find the expert.


We find the true expert in their space as they give the best value


A business is only as

good as its suppliers



Contact Gan.

Phone New Zealand +64  027 287 6974


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